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We all have a story and your story matters. No one else has walked in your shoes. No one else has experienced your set of unique circumstances.  But regardless of the reasons... if you aren't living a fulfilling, satisfying life, DON'T SETTLE. Things CAN be better. It takes hard work ~ and I'm not telling you it's going to be easy.  But I am telling you ~ it's going to be worth it!
LIVE life.  ~  Love more.  Learn more.  Laugh more.
    Because, truly ~ Life should be MORE than just OKAY.  

~ But why choose to partner with US ? ~

First of all, we have 25 years experience helping people meet their goals, so we can provide you with quality, personalized care tailored to meet your individual needs ~ and we genuinely care and want you to succeed.  
     Because we believe people matter.  
          You matter.  
               You matter to US. 
WE VALUE YOU.  And we are invested in helping you meet your goals!

We take your privacy very seriously and pride ourselves on going above and beyond what is required to protect your privacy rights.  

Confidential Records ~ We keep paper charts - so confidential records are not in a computer system that someone else could access. It's hard in this day and age of technology to find that kind of protection for your privacy! In many offices, this is not the case and you may not even be aware of it!

Building/office privacy ~ In addition, your privacy is protected by the multitude of services/businesses also located in our building.  And you should never be in the waiting room with anyone else (unless you bring someone with you), since there is only one service provider, providing services at a time. Also, we have a separate entrance and exit from our office - so when you leave, you do not have to pass through the waiting room where the next client is waiting.

No Office Staff ~ We are such a small, grassroots organization that we do not even have office staff, further protecting your privacy since you do not have to worry about other people unknown or barely known to you, or maybe even more bothersome ~ people that you know! ~ having access to your information.  We take our own calls and schedule our own appointments!

Taking the step to reach out for help is often difficult - there's no reason why it should be any more uncomfortable than necessary, so our office is designed to help you feel comfortable and at ease.

~ WHAT is more important than YOUR LIFE & Happiness? ~

NOTHING!  And nothing is more important than who you partner with to begin your journey to a more fulfilling and satisfying life.  So, when choosing someone to help you move forward in your life, choose carefully!  At A New Beginning, LLC,  you will find exceptional privacy, a partnership with an experienced professional who genuinely cares about and connects with clients ~ and you will find the compassion, respect, and expertise that you deserve to help you achieve your goals.  
Because we believe lasting change IS possible.  
That it's worth it.  
That YOU are worth it.   
          What Are You Waiting For?

~ What service do I need? ~

Depending on your goals, you may benefit from Personal Growth Consulting.  If you want to continue learning, growing, and evolving, you might want to try one of our Personal Growth Small Group Events!  Or if you are feeling distressed and dealing with a difficult issue that is causing problems in your daily life, Professional Counseling may be the best fit for you.  Always, our goal is to partner with you, to help you discover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating.

Whether you are:

  • simply feeling "stuck" and want to discover (or rediscover) direction, passion, fun, love, and laughter in your life;
  • dealing with a difficult life issue such as grieving a loved one, going through a divorce, discovering the difficulties of parenting, adjusting to retirement or loss of a job, or other life stressors; or
  • dealing with deeper and/or more long-term issues,

    we will assess to determine what service we offer that will best fit your needs and/or offer a referral.  Our goal is to help you get the help you need ~ whether with us or somewhere else.

Be YOU.  Be•YOU•tiful!! 

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