Personal Growth Consulting can be a powerful partnership that provides both support and accountability to help you reach your highest potential personally and professionally.  Some clients come in with specific goals in mind.  Some come seeking direction and clarification.  Some feel a general sense of dissatisfaction and are unsure what to do about it.  Personal Growth Consulting can help you identify your passions and goals and tap into a new vision for your life.  It can help you uncover your dreams, turn your dreams into goals and your goals into reality!

Consulting is not the same as counseling and it is important to understand the difference.  Consulting is for personal growth.  Counseling is necessary for issues that go beyond personal growth.

Counseling:  "My life isn't working and I am in pain."

Consulting:  "My life isn't working as well as I'd like."

Certain issues are not a good fit for consulting.  For instance, someone with a diagnosable mental health condition may need Professional Counseling.  However, if you have a diagnosable mental health condition that is being managed well and you are not currently experiencing distressing symptoms, you may still be a good fit for consulting.  Sometimes, the difference is a matter of severity.  For example,  everyone experiences anxiety sometimes... or sometimes we may say we are "depressed" when we are really just sad.  This is why it is important for these issues to be explored in the initial consultation and to be continually assessed throughout the process.  If, at any time, it is determined that you would better benefit from counseling, a referral will be made to a counselor of your choice.