Personal Growth/Motivational Seminars

Because Life is to be Enjoyed, Not Endured!

Founder of A New Beginning, LLC, Coral Haynes is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor, who has 29 years experience.  Part of what makes her private practice unique, is the fourteen different seminars she has developed and presents to a variety of populations.  

Coral has been described as being down to earth, genuine, and approachable.  Her use of analogies helps others visualize, understand and apply new ideas.  Participants are inspired by Coral’s passion and heart-felt belief in what she teaches.  Having successfully applied these techniques to her own life lends credibility to the issues she addresses.  

Seminars developed and led by Coral, are listed below.  Additional details can be accessed by clicking on the title of each Seminar.

Women & Girls 
GOING PLACES: Designed for women to empower women - achieve balance & make positive, lasting life changes!  


Going Places for Teens:


Customized to empower teenage girls!



Girl Power!


An intensive, gender-specific, interactive program for girls, age 9 - 12, to promote self-esteem & healthy connections with others.


Life in the Fast Lane: Simple Solutions to Stress! Life strategies and cognitive techniques are taught to better deal with the stress in our lives.  

Waiting to Exhale:


A sequel to Life in the Fast Lane: Learn relaxation techniques, breathing, visualization, & meditation.


Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Training for the toughest job in the world - parenting!  



An intensive parenting program focusing on the parental role and skills development as is specifically relates to high-risk behaviours in youth.


Goal Setting 
                          ARE YOU?
Identify life goals, barriers, and strategies to change your life!  


A Holistic Solution to Health & Wellness.  Don't Diet! LIVE IT!


Healing your Heart
Divorce Recovery Seminar (Not necessarily for those RECENTLY divorced.)
Redefining You - Redefining Your Life!
LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH A small group couples seminar to help you improve and enhance your relationship.  
LOOKING FOR LOVE  IN ALL  THE WRONG PLACES:  Figure out who you really are and explore the components of a healthy relationship, so that you can make better choices and be more likely to attract a man who is right for you.  


Seven Keys to Success: Develop the skills you need to succeed in business!  




Rejuvenate, Energize, and Nurture U! Designed for the helping professional to prevent burn-out and help gain balance in your life so that you can thrive both personally AND professionally!



All Seminars developed by Coral J. Haynes    © Coral Haynes

Diverse audiences have benefited from Coral’s seminars, which are increasingly being used as staff trainings, since businesses and corporations are recognizing that personal issues do, in fact, dramatically, affect work performance and contribute to burnout.  These seminars are often utilized by numerous community agencies as well, to provide valuable information and life tools to those in the community.

Coral has presented seminars to a variety of audiences, including but not limited to the following:

  • American Association for Women in Community Colleges
  • Athena Today’s Woman Conference sponsored by Evansville Courier and Press
  • Earle C. Clements Job Corp management team
  • Henderson County School System
    • Staff and management seminars
    • Seminars for students
    • Seminars for parents
  • Henderson County Housing Authority – for children, teens, and parents
  • Madisonville Housing Authority
  • Mary Kay (provided by a Mary Kay director for her consultants)
  • Matthew 25 – for both staff and clients
  • Methodist Hospital of Henderson, Kentucky
  • Ohio Valley National Bank
  • Union County School System
  • West Area Health Education Center