An intensive, gender-specific, interactive program for girls, ages 9 – 12, to promote self-esteem & healthy connections with others. This program was adapted from the GOING PLACES for Teens seminar, to address issues younger girls face, in an age appropriate manner. Scrapbooking, discussion, and role-plays are utilized as an on-going tool for active learning among participants. Each session, participants are asked to scrapbook on that day’s topic.

This seminar was originally developed to cover 33 weeks but can be adapted to fit the needs of the participants – you can choose the subjects you want to cover and the number of sessions you prefer. Some topics can be covered in one session, while others are best presented in multiple sessions.

A more detailed description of topics is available upon request. Topics include:

Dreams... Focus is on helping clients increase their vision for the future and begin clarifying goals.
“Who am I?” Developing sense of self - identifying strengths and areas that need improvement.
“Who’s in Charge of your life?” It’s all about CHOICES. Peer pressure, coercion, and how to stand up for your own beliefs and values are discussed.
“I’m in Charge!” ABC’s of Thinking - how your thinking affects who you are, what you do, and how you feel! Continued emphasis on choices and things within your control.
What matters to you? Values clarification.
If you’re happy and you know it… What is “happiness”? Is it possible to be happy all the time? Discuss importance of ALL emotions, including those we label as “negative”.
Tough on the Inside. Emphasis is on connecting appropriately with others, making good choices, taking appropriate and healthy risks, and trusting yourself to handle tough times and emotions.  
My name is Coral, not Convenient! Role-plays are used to practice assertiveness, boundary setting, communication, negotiating skills, & personal space. Don’t give your power away - Keep your personal power!
Looking for Love in all the Wrong Places… Current relationships are discussed & evaluated. Emphasis is on the importance of making good relationship choices.
Happy by yourself, for yourself, and with yourself. The most important relationship you will ever have is the relationship you have with yourself. Value, love, and respect yourself. If you do, others will too!
Taking Care of You – Your perfect balance. Includes discussions about physical health, sexual choices, mental/emotional health, social health, and financial health. 
Lights, Camera,….ACTION!  Self-evaluation & development of plan to improve self-care.



GOING PLACES! Review and pull it all together.
Closing ceremony.