Take Charge: Choose Your Life!

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Become Happier, Healthier, and More Successful
Both Personally and Professionally!!

Designed for women to empower women,
this 12 session series addresses the importance of achieving better balance in your life by teaching you the tools you need to build the life you want.

This seminar will challenge you to think differently about your life empowering you to move forward, achieve your goals and live the life you imagine! You will learn goal-setting tools, self-motivating techniques, confidence building skills, and life strategies enabling you to embrace life with courage and competence! By addressing all areas in your life, you will gain the energy and confidence you need to become happier, healthier, and more successful - both personally and professionally!

You will feel stronger, more alive, and in charge of your life! Start now and change your life forever!


For your convenience sessions can be structured as shown or easily adapted to your needs (for example: six 2-hour sessions or three 4-hour sessions). Individual topics can also be presented as stand alone sessions.

Session 1:
Who are you, REALLY?
Discovering & appreciating you!

Session 2:
Who is in charge of your life?
Identifying roles and building a framework for balance.

Session 3:
You are what you think.

Honest, healthy thinking that will move you forward instead of holding you back.

Session 4:
Get Real!
Be who you really are.

Session 5:
Running on Empty.
Love & take care of yourself without feeling guilty.

Session 6:
My name is Coral, not Convenient.
Be assertive & develop healthy boundaries.

Session 7:
Finding Purpose in your Pain.
Deal with pain, grief, and loss and make it work to your advantage.

Session 8:
Tough on the Inside.
Be confident enough that you do not need to build walls to protect yourself.

Session 9:
Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places.
Experience healthy friendships & healthy relationships.

Session 10:
Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Discover how your parents shaped you and learn to be the best parent you can be.

Session 11:
If nothing changes,
nothing changes! Learn to overcome obstacles that can keep you from moving forward.

Session 12:
Going Places.
Pulling it all together.


Helen Reddy - I Am Woman