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Professional Dreams!


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*Seminar series can be structured to best meet your time needs. Individual sessions can also be utilized as stand alone seminars.


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Getting Started

Session 1: Balance: The Right Foundation
Become an expert juggler! Self-evaluation. How do you spell success?

Session 2
: Roadmap to Success

Increase personal and professional vision, brainstorm, and prioritize. Learn to set concrete, realistic, and achievable short, mid, and long-term goals.

Session 3
: Getting on Track, Staying on Track

On your mark, get set… GO! Dealing with Roadblocks: Overcome obstacles, find creative solutions, and deal with the curves life throws you by learning to be more flexible.

Tools of the Trade

Session 4
: Smart Thinking Achieves Results(STAR)

Be a star by replacing self-defeating thoughts with healthy, rational thinking. Get out of your own way and achieve your goals!

Session 5
: People Skills

Earn repeat business and get referrals. Learn how you can best work with others by being yourself! Communication skills, use of humor, and tips on how to be a people magnet!

Session 6
: Successful Strategies

Work smarter and be more productive. Make stress work for you. Prioritize, try something different and use your strengths!

Session 7
: The Pied Piper

Be a successful leader! Lead by example and keep your followers motivated.