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Tammy Schmidt
2012-03-02, 07:53
Coral's training gave my consultants a chance to work through all aspects of their Mary Kay business by learning more about their own personalities. She provided a comfortable environment where they could discuss their fears as well as discover their strengths, giving them the tools to personally stretch to the next career level.  They thoroughly enjoyed her series and bonded together in new ways.  I am still hearing positive feedback from them 6 months later.  Having Coral conduct her session at our unit meeting freed me up to spend more time with the guests, conducting their skin care class and doing the marketing for them.  My consultants were able to build their teams and their self-esteem all at the same time!
Martha Sartin
2012-02-19, 08:48
GOING PLACES has really helped me to accept where I am and to know I can change to get where I want to go.
Michelle Price
2012-02-17, 15:01
The GOING PLACES sessions were a consistent reminder of things I need to apply more often in my life. For instance, since these sessions began, I have tried to really think about what my top priorities are (my spirituality, my family, my education, etc.) and manage my time accordingly.
Suzy Daugherty
2012-02-07, 12:45
GOING PLACES has given me the confidence to believe in myself and the motivation to make changes in my life to achieve my goals. It has helped me become a stronger person and move towards where I want to go!
Shelly Hawkins
2012-01-04, 11:35
GOING PLACES opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. I had the opportunity to enjoy Coral’s seminar twice and I learned something new each time. I’m learning to change my stinkin’ thinkin’.

An intensive parenting program focusing on the parental role and skills development as is specifically relates to high-risk behaviours in youth.

2012-03-05, 19:28
It helped me by... ”seeing myself in my girls, not wanting them to be dependent on me and how to make them independent."
2012-03-05, 17:14
It was a very interesting class on STD's and I got a lot out of the class on managing your child.
2012-03-05, 14:12
I think this is a good program... you have a lot of useful tools.
2012-03-05, 13:57
My thoughts: this is a great program. Very informational and helpful.
2012-03-05, 07:23
I have enjoyed being here. Thank you for the information. (It helped) seeing myself in my girls, not wanting them to be dependent on me and (learning) how to make them independent.
2012-03-04, 14:23
Thank you very much for all the knowledge you've shown me and given me to use in my personal and family life. I'm sad to be at the end of the class already. 3 weeks is just not very much time to learn everything and if there are any "refresher" courses available or support groups or something like that, please let me know.
2012-03-04, 12:41
Coral, I really enjoyed the class, even though I didn't expect to. I loved the part about the middle of the room idea. The idea about abstinence and safe sex are great too. Thanks again, guys!
2012-03-04, 08:21
I very much enjoyed hearing you speak. Thank you for helping me see and understand I first have to control me. Any information on seminars or conferences you do, would greatly be appreciated.
2012-03-03, 21:10
I feel that the class has helped me more than I realized it would. I came thinking we were only getting help for my child but in fact, I received a lot of information and ideas to help me as a parent. I truly enjoyed sharing situations with the others; then you don't feel like the "Lone Ranger". It was very helpful and supportive and very informative.
2012-03-03, 11:20
I am glad that I was told I 'had; to take this class, but I am mad J I wasn't sent here long before now! I enjoyed the class very much. I feel much more educated with the tools I need to get control of my household and to hopefully lead and teach my son toward a healthy productive future for himself, using the techniques taught to me in this class. I feel I am a stronger person and therefore a stronger, better parent because of this class. Thanks so much. You do a wonderful job teaching and it was fun too!
2012-03-02, 15:19
I learned a lot about parenting skills. It would have been nice to have a little more one on one advice. I really like Coral. She is very intelligent. I love the way she talked to us as equals not like she was better. She was very informative and didn't mind to take time to answer our questions.
2012-03-02, 10:17
This class has been very informational. It has confirmed lots of parenting books I've read, but it's not just reading, it's also hearing and almost a hands-on parenting program. It was a totally awesome class and with great people to communicate with and share different things going on. I learned a lot on STD's I thought I already knew, but didn't. But I feel like this was more (of a) parenting (class) than a sexual education class. Coral is a great, wonderful, knowledgeable, respectful, and understanding person. I absolutely enjoyed this class and it was such a blessing to be here. I have no suggestions, it was just perfect. Thanks! Also felt like I made friends that are going through the same things.
2012-03-01, 19:26
I was helped in understanding my rights as a parent and how to make decisions on my son's behaviors. I was glad to come to the class. I have really learned a lot. It was very helpful. I learned about condoms and a lot about sex as age 61. I think she did a good job. I wish others would join in and you can learn a lot. Staff was very friendly. I have enjoyed coming here.
2012-03-01, 06:16
I feel like I have gotten a lot out of this and I plan to utilize the techniques taught by Coral. I am grateful and pleased to have been allowed to attend. The ABC's of thinking make so much sense to me now that it's been pointed out and explained. I also liked the Parental Job Description. Very Cool!
2012-02-29, 19:25
I really learned a lot from the classes and it was beneficial to me being able to understand how to handle the situations of my daughter.
2012-02-28, 22:24
I have learned more about sexual diseases. I have learned to stand up for myself and be a better parent and be in control and stand my ground.
2012-02-28, 09:07
This is a great program. The tools I took with me from this class will help me to work with my child.
2012-02-27, 19:25
I got a lot of useful information that I can apply in my family. I feel that it is not the end and that there is a brighter future between me and my kids.
2012-02-25, 09:26
I liked the quote- 'teach your child to see around corners' - very useful to me!
2012-02-22, 19:16
Every parent should go through STRAIGHT TALK.
2012-02-11, 13:24
Very good class. I learned a lot I didn't know. I think more classes should be available. Things that helped most: listening to others, learning what I didn't know, that I'm my own best friend.
2012-02-04, 09:29
Things helped most: listening to others; learning what I didn't know; that I'm my own Best Friend. I am interested in all (future) seminars.
-0001-11-30, 00:00
Enjoyed the class. Coral is an amazing teacher and speaker.

General Comments about our services.

Lindy Wicks
2014-12-06, 15:51
Coral is a gifted listener and guide. She does an incredible job working with individuals and knowing when to push. She is direct and allows individuals to work at their own pace while keeping an always moving forward attitude.
I have also had the pleasure of attending a personalized seminar and partnered professionally with her for small conferences and projects. She is always very professional, warm, and on target with developing programs to specific populations and groups. Highly recommend all the services she offers. She will definitely provide a few, "A Ha! I get it" moments.